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Welcome to Crystal Zaba's home page!
Maya & Zaba hope you will find yourself filled with Love,
Awareness, Healing, Awakening, Vibrant Presence and
Wild and Generous Dreaming
while perusing the words and images here. 
We welcome earnest inquiries and wish you much grace
as you bring your spirit's gifts to fruition here on Earth!
Crystal skulls are an ever unfolding mystery to all who take an interest in them.  Though study of them on a scientific level has been and is being done, much of the work is not scientific in the classical sense of the word.  Rather, the awakening to the true and deeper meaning, understanding and uses of these ancient wonders (for indeed, even those carved recently are carved from a substance that has been part of the planet for millenia and - if you are up for engaging such ideas - are often attended or inhabited by ancient entities) is, has been and continues to be the arena of spiritual seekers, shamen and healers. 

It is therefore important - as in all areas of life - when experiencing or taking in information about the crystal skulls, to perceive what you encounter with an open body, heart, mind and spirit - but always remember that


That is, only you can know what is true for you.  Listening with your whole being, you may resonate with what you read here on this website and other crystal skull sites, and if so, great. If not, that is great too - trust your own intuition - it is one of the greatest tools you have, both in working with the stone people and in life itself.  If I or anyone considered an authority on crystal skulls says 'this skull is about such and such a lesson or energy (or whatever)...'  then perhaps it is so.  Or perhaps it is so only for the person who received this particular message.  Perhaps a particular skull has something to say to YOU that is entirely different and uniquely yours.

Stay open - become as alive and present as you are able.  Read on and take what heals and awakens you, and let the rest go on the wind.

Blessings to You All,

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